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Sarah Palin fan on the Hollywood A-List?

In Grab Bags on March 30, 2009 at 6:40 pm

I’ve always loved Angie Harmon…especially on Law&Order.  She is epitome of class and elegance.  She is so amazing, but even more so because she is an unabashed Republican and speaks out against President Obama’s inane policies.  PLUS, She’s a Sarah Palin fan…oh, and she’s so gorgeous :)!



Where are the crazies when you need ’em?

In Grab Bags on March 27, 2009 at 8:42 pm

I can’t even begin to count how many times President Bush was called a war monger, oil-hungry, murderer, and war criminal for persevering in WINNING the Iraq war and the war on terrorism.  Gratitude? Ha.

Now, months after his departure from office, Obambi has done nothing that would directly change any of G.Dub’s foreign policy initiatives.  YES-This is a mixed blessing, as he isn’t screwing us ENTIRELY-just the economy, I suppose.  Where are the Code Pink crazies that my mother used to march with?  Where is the  incessant caterwauling for him to be tried for treason?  Where are the ‘Make peace, not war’ banners?  Where are all the obnoxious protesters?  WHERE ARE THEY???????  I feel like I’m reliving the ‘Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction’ talking point all over again?

When President Bush even spoke of increasing troop levels, which actually WON the war, liberals spit fire while accusing our soldiers of murdering civilians in cold blood.  Obambi is sending more troops into Afghanistan. Where is the contempt?

Phony Conservatives

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2009 at 8:03 pm

I can think of ten off the top of my head…David Brookes, Frank Schaeffer, Susan Collins, Olympia Snow, Arlen Specter, John McCain…the list goes on.  They serve as nothing more than traitors to the true right-wingers, and esteemed members of the insurgency to the media elites who frequently quote and reference them as the face of the GOP.  Since they aren’t true conservatives the media adores them.  Must we be reminded of how TRUE conservatives are treated???

The one who has made more ruckus than the other ass-kissers most recently is Kathleen Parker.  She is constantly cited as the respected conservative columnist from the allegedly conservative National Review Online.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that Parker is anything but what she claims to be.   She was unbelievably incessant when she decided to undertake the media’s relentless campaign against Sarah Palin as ‘unqualified’.  Parker deemed it an act of bravery to continuously call for Palin to step down as Vice President for the sake of the party.  Does anyone see the irony in taking loyalty lessons from someone as distinguished as Kathleen Parker?

I was most enraged by Parker’s recent profile of Meghan McCain, a new media favorite, as she courageously attacked Ann Coulter.  Three things:  Anyone who attacks Ann Coulter is either:

A). Trying to draw attention to themselves through her success.


B).  Trying to make friends with respectable media personalities like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and  Keith Olbermann.


C).  Jealous because of her SEVEN massive bestsellers, extreme popularity among the party despite being employed by none other than the American people, or because she’s a powerhouse who makes liberals and phony conservatives cry.

We have enough bullies in the media ragging on conservatives.  The last thing we need are phonies posing as conservatives attacking other conservatives.

I enjoyed Meghan McCain’s v+blogs and inside commentary from the presidential campaign.  But labeling her representative of a new wave of conservatives as the less-extreme, moderate types is a bit much!